A Message To Our Community

Dear Movesgood community,

Our team has been working tirelessly from our homes and here are a few notes for you:

Movesgood pieces are safe to buy. We ensure the safety of our products by complying with all relevant WHO & CDC guidelines. We have been working closely with mills, factories, and logistics partners around the globe to prioritize the health and safety of their teams, their communities—and of course, you. Our warehouse and delivery teams are taking extra precautions, which means, your order might take up to 4-6 days for standard delivery and up to 3 days for expedited delivery.

Commitment to our supply chain. We stand by our commitments and are taking all orders that have started production or where fabric purchases have been made. Where it was possible or necessary due to COVID-19 delays, we have worked with our suppliers to find new delivery dates or cancel orders that haven’t started yet and where needed purchase fabric that has already been made to use for a future collection. We believe in a global world, so our continued commitment to our partners in China, Turkey, and Portugal.

Team. Team health and safety are top priorities for us and we have updated our policies and working practices to respond to the crisis and its impact on our team’s physical and mental health. We have had to reduce hours of freelance and part-time team members when necessary. We have so far been able to minimize the impact to our team thanks to your continued support.

We have intensified our innovation work to produce new production technology
and new sustainable fabrics

Consume responsibly. We’ve been thinking a lot about how to consume mindfully while rebuilding our economy. Reviving businesses and services locally and globally will be more important than ever to allow humans to thrive again. At Movesgood we feel strongly that the “pause” has offered people and businesses an opportunity to rethink how we make things, how we consume, who we buy from, and how we treat the environment. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

Random thoughts. This time has made us even more aware of how strongly we believe in our philosophy and values on consumption: design less, but better. We remain deeply passionate and committed to bringing you the best possible essentials for whatever life brings. And we look forward to inspiring the industry to a new standard in quality and sustainability.

Sending you so much love, health, and positive energy, wherever you are!

Much love,

Movesgood team